60.101.070 - Time of Midnight does not appear in meter reading grid
60.101.069 - Stock count transaction not included in qty calc on Stock by Owner
60.101.068 - Reformat Stores Reports as required
60.101.067 - Add optional page-break on Supplier to Supplier Overdue Report
60.101.066 - Scheduling display is hard to read
60.101.065 - SR error about 2 warehouses reqquired for a return
60.101.064 - WO field on Journal Entry report is cut off
60.101.063 - Query Utility - Performance Optimizations
60.101.062 - Employee Time Report - Subscript portion of title cut off
60.101.061 - Error issuing to work order in Quick Picks
60.101.060 - Widen amount columns on the A/R Payment Register
60.101.059 - Supplier Overdue Report does not print supplier fax or email address
60.101.058 - Supplier Overdue report. Page break on buyer rather than supplier.
60.101.056 - Add new stock set issue price wrong if you click on Usage
60.101.055 - Error forcing a PM program
60.101.054 - Meter reading updates in a list problem if user enters certain values
60.101.053 - ST Totals has no security or you have to set up app access
60.101.052 - Skip approval steps if vacation approver is document originator
60.101.051 - Need formatting changes to acbal report to facilitate export
60.101.050 - Client ID might not show in positive pay file
60.101.049 - Spare turnaround can't be completed for project WO
60.101.048 - Error calculating meter reading values
60.101.047 - Time of Midnight does not appear in meter reading grid
60.101.046 - Bank Recon transaction type problem
60.101.045 - Accountt inactivation should check if project account status = "I"
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